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Making a Plan

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Making a Plan
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The short answer is no BUT not having some sort of a plan on paper opens you up to a whole load of problems when it comes time for construction.
" I didnt think it was going to be put there".
"Was it going to be that high or this high"
Shorter, taller ,wider, longer..... all easily solved if it is down on paper and everyone knows what is going on before construction starts.
Once you have ideas about what you want from your landscape it is vital that it is followed up with some kind of a plan.
It doesn’t matter if you plan to hire a landscape architect or you do it yourself but getting it down on paper will highlight many of the problems that you may face during construction. It is essential that this plan is accurate and drawn to scale as this will save a lot of time and money.
( 1:100 is a good scale to start with ) 

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